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The medical definition of anxiety provided in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an “overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physical signs (such as tension, sweating, and increased pulse rate), by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it.” Social anxiety refers to fear or worry related to interactions in social situations. It occurs when someone is overly concerned about being humiliated, embarrassed, evaluated, and/ or rejected by others in social situations. The feelings of anxiety can range from mild (e.g., fluttering in one’s stomach) to severe (e.g., heart palpitations).  Although anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress, it is helpful to arm oneself with a variety of coping strategies to navigate anxiety when it arises, particularly in social situations. The Cleveland Clinic offers suggestions to help assuage feelings of overwhelm and/ or distress in social situations as well as ways to overcome social anxiety, some of which include:

  • Start small: To build your confidence and set yourself up for success, start with a small achievable social interaction goal and gradually work your way up to more challenging situations.
  • Challenge your negative, anxious thoughts: Identify the anxious thoughts that surface when you think of social situations, analyze them, and challenge them to discern if your initial reaction is truly how you feel or if you are just assuming the worst, and adjust your mindset accordingly.
  • Breathe: Research has found that practicing deep breathing techniques can effectively help with relaxation, stress management, control of psychophysiological states, and improve organ function.
  • Focus on others, not yourself: Switching from an internal focus to an external focus can go a long way toward reducing social anxiety.
  • Identify your fears: Exploring your fears and possible outcomes can bolster your confidence surrounding your ability to cope. Acknowledging that you can gracefully and effectively handle the worst-case scenario will allow you to remain present and engaged in the moment.

There is no single anxiety relieving method that is universally effective for everyone. Even if you are fully equipped with an abundance of different coping mechanisms and strategies that have worked in the past, there may be some situations that require additional, outside support. If you are experiencing frequent and/ or severe bouts of anxiety it is best to err on the side of caution and obtain an evaluation from a qualified mental health professional. At the very least, they will be able to provide you with more pointed guidance regarding how to deal with your anxiety most effectively.

Treatment In Calabasas

Calabasas is a city in California. It is a well-known suburb of Los Angeles, located west of the San Fernando Valley and north of the Santa Monica Mountains. Over the past decade, the city of Calabasas has grown in its reputation for luxury as well as for privacy which makes it a hidden gem for residential living for society’s elite, and one of the most desirable destinations in Los Angeles County. It is also home to a plethora of highly qualified mental health clinicians providing an array of therapeutic services and treatment options.

The information above is provided for the use of informational purposes only. The above content is not to be substituted for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment, as in no way is it intended as an attempt to practice medicine, give specific medical advice, including, without limitation, advice concerning the topic of mental health. As such, please do not use any material provided above to disregard professional advice or delay seeking treatment.

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